Drunk Driver Pukes Out Window, Drives Into Oncoming Traffic

dui arrestedPeople will never learn that drinking and driving just doesn’t work. This is especially true on a major alcohol consumption day like St. Patrick’s Day!

Michael Bello, 30, has been charged with two counts of driving under the influence, along with driving on the wrong side of the road.... in the middle of the afternoon! To make matters worse, Bellow decided instead of pulling over, he was just going to throw up out of his window, while driving down the road. Witnesses immediately called the police and explained how the car was also swerving into oncoming traffic.

Police pulled over Bello and he was immediately taken into custody after failing a breathalyzer and various tests performed on the side of the road.

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Original article: DUI Driver Vomits Out Window, Swerves Into Oncoming Traffic

Image Copyright: cookelma / 123RF Stock Photo