Red Sauce Leads to Arrest of Meatball Thief

meatball thief arrestedIf you’re going to steal a pot of meatballs, make sure you get rid of the delicious evidence!

That would have been a great tip for Leahman Glenn Robert Potter, 48, who has now been charged with burglary, criminal trespass and theft by unlawful taking a pot of meatballs from a man’s garage recently.

The victim reported his meatballs missing and said he saw Potter standing in front of his house with red sauce on his face and clothes. On top of that, the pot was found in the street.

It’s still not clear if Potter washed the sauce off before he was arrested a short time later, or just proudly wore his badge of honor until he was taken into custody. We also assume that Potter has leanred they don’t serve the same delicious meatballs that he stole.

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Original article: - Man with Red Sauce on Face Charged with Meatball Theft

image credit: via Merelize