Self-Service Checkout Scheme Lands Shopper in Jail

arrested bail bonds 1A German man found out the hard way that cheating the self-service checkout line doesn’t pay off.

The 58-year-old businessman has been convicted of theft for trying to pass off 47 Euros worth of veal as fruit. Apparently, he has done this same scheme three times before and also has prior convictions for theft and tax evasion.

The judge based his stiff fine of around $325,000 on the man’s monthly income…. Why is this man stealing if he makes good money?!

Apparently, this is a new thing happening around the world, as supermarkets in Australia are also cracking down on the practice. There has been over $4.5 billion worth of retail theft in the country since 2016!

It looks like people tend to feel more comfortable stealing from a machine as opposed to a human, according to recent studies.

“We may under-scan a product, we may ring up a stone fruit and say it’s potatoes. Or, we may compensate and say if we’re going to ring up our own groceries, that chocolate bar is going to compensate my time and the big retailer can afford to do it,” according to a source.

That being said, a crime is a crime, no matter how small people think it is. “Even if it’s the avocado and you think you’re saving $2, it’s still shoplifting! If you get caught, you will be charged,” the police said in a statement.

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Original article: German Man Fined More Than $326K For Scanning Meat as Fruit at Self-Service Checkout

image credit: fotolia