Irate Man Hangs Onto Front of Bus, Screams at Students on Board

man arrested school busThis guy totally went off the rails after he thought kids on a bus threw a plastic water bottle at his car. He was so mad, he tried to climb on the front of a moving school bus to scream at them!

Leverne Dorran, 68, thought he’d act real mature by trying to stop a bus full of kids by jumping onto the front of it. Not surprisingly, things just went downhill from there.

In a video, Dorran is seen grabbing onto the bus as it begins to move forward and continues to demand that the driver let him in. Fearing for the safety of the kids on board, the bus driver refused to stop and took his new passenger for a ride straight to a nearby police station.

An off-duty police officer quickly intervened and Dorran was arrested. He now faces charges including destruction of property and disturbing the peace.

We can’t help but feel the urge to chuck a water bottle at this guy and see what happens...

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Original article: Angry Man Hangs Onto Front of School Bus to Yell at Students

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