Man Pees in Neighbor’s Mailbox Over Loud Music

arrested david benderGenerally if you’re upset with what is going on at a neighbor’s house, you can handle it like adults instead of having to get the authorities involved. 

David Bender’s neighbor apparently wasn’t digging how loud Bender, 44, was playing his music, so he called the police to help him resolve the situation.

Officers headed over to Bender’s home and requested that he keep the volume of his music down, but Bender didn’t like that at all!

He left his home, “walked out into the street and pulled his pants down and pointed his middle finger at the neighbor, then urinated in his mailbox.” Mature!

Obviously, his neighbor called the police for the second time that night and the cops arrested Bender and charged him with criminal mischief.

We’d hate to see what would happen if cops were called for a more severe crime!

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Original article: Florida Man Urinates in Neighbor’s Mailbox During Dispute

image credit: David Bender (Indian River County Sheriff's Office)