Toddlers Get Pulled Over by NYPD

toddlers pulled over nypdIn a story that finally makes us smile, two adorable twins were out for a drive in New York City with their parents in their toy car when they ran into a bit of trouble… the police!

Before they knew it, an NYPD patrol car pulled up alongside their miniature Range Rover with its lights on and asked, “You got a license?”

Of course, they were just teasing the kids and looking to see what kind of reaction they might get!

The twins’ dad caught the whole thing on his phone and played along with the officers. But the kids were having none of it! One of the police officers even attempted to “ticket” one of the kids, but the child handed it right back to him! Not a chance!

One of the kids ended up high-fiving the officer, while the other was completely uninterested and just rested his head on the steering wheel.

Instagram loved it, though! “License & registration please! Don’t worry, these two little guys got off with just a warning (plus a high five & two new friends)” the NYPD tweeted!

How cute!

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Original article: Twin toddlers in toy car get pulled over by NYPD

image credit: youtube