Devout US Woman Arrested for Smuggling Cocaine in High Heels

cocaine smugglerOne wouldn’t expect someone who is religiously devout to be smuggling cocaine, but that is exactly what happened!

Denise Marie Woodrum, 51, was arrested as soon as she landed in Australia and was immediately charged with importing a commercial quantity of the drug after stepping off a flight from Los Angeles.

She has now been convicted of the crime and will be spending at least 4 ½ years in jail in Australia!

Woodrum was associated with an order of Sisters called the Adorers of the Blood of Christ and she claims to have been fooled by a man she met online into taking the journey.

An Australian Judge, however, refused to believe she was duped.

“I do not accept that she is genuinely contrite for her offending as opposed to being sorry for the situation she now finds herself in. She continues to blame others for her own reckless actions and appears to have little or no insight into her offending,” the Judge claimed.

Turns out during her trial, it was brought up that she had struck up an online romance with her betrayer and had fallen in love with him, even though they had never actually met in person.

Texts were discovered between the two, saying things like “Can you promise you will never leave me?” from Woodrum, and “You are my Only and First True Family!!!”

Her lawyer fought back saying that she thought she was bringing artifacts into the country for her boyfriend.

“There are fraudsters out there who are relying on women who are vulnerable,” her lawyer said. But the Judge said that Woodrum knew prior to leaving the US that she wasn’t importing what she claimed in court.

Turns out she had taken a couple of other international trips for her “friend” and knew that what she was transporting was “worth more than you know”as she told someone on her travels.

When she arrived in Sydney, her bags were selected for screening, where she told an Australian Border Force officer that she had come to see the Harbour Bridge and the aquarium and that the shoes she had in her suitcase were a gift for her mother, also in Australia (which she wasn’t).

After officials swabbed the suitcase, a substance was detected inside the heel of a shoe, a wallet and buttons on her clothing.

Woodrum’s response? “How much did they find in the shoes? Sorry, just talking to myself.”

Ya… probably not the best response!

She had transported just over a kilogram, containing 756 grams of pure cocaine.

The Judge described her as a willing participant in the cocaine operation, who was out for financial gain. The Judge did believe she had good overall prospects for rehabilitation, though.

“I am mindful that I am sentencing a 51-year-old woman, who has otherwise been vulnerable and socially isolated, who had no prior convictions, and who led an otherwise exemplary life,” the Judge said.

No word where Woodrum’s “boyfriend” is these days!

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