Woman Saved From Cliff Faces 96 Felonies

heather monceA woman was missing off of the coast of Oregon last summer for four days and after a dramatic rescue, she was saved. It’s so wonderful that she survived her ordeal, but she has now been charged with 96 felonies in her place of disappearance! Maybe she wishes she wouldn’t have been found after all!

Heather Mounce is facing 62 counts of felony identity theft, along with 24 counts of felony criminal mistreatment in the first degree. She is also facing other various charges, including the theft of tens of thousands of dollars from a retirement village, along with stealing the identify and more than $5,000 from a man in his 90’s who lived there.

Turns out she used to work at this retirement village and the business is working closely with the police in their investigation.

Mounce’s family reported her missing back in August 2017 and her car was found parked next to Highway 101 in Oregon. Four days later, her husband at the time, Denton Davison, found her on a cliff near the Sea Lion Caves.

The Coast Guard had to be called in to rescue her, as she was clinging onto some bushes right off of the cliff. At the end of the day, she knew the law was going to be coming after her sooner or later, and a cliff seemed like a good place to hide out.

Court records also show that her husband filed for divorce three months after her dramatic rescue and was “in the dark” on all of the upcoming charges back when this happened a year ago.

Looks like Mounce is going to be entering a not-guilty plea at her upcoming first court appearance. We’ll have to keep our eyes open and see how this all turns out. This could be the next big Hollywood movie!

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Original article: Woman Found in Dramatic Rescue Charged with 96 Felonies

image credit: www.koin.com