Multiple Thieves Stole 52 Yeti Coolers, Arrested

yeti coolerYeti coolers are no joke when it comes to the price tag, so when these three thieves were caught with 52 stolen ones in New Orleans, it was no surprise they were worth approximately $16,000!

Officers from Houston, Texas contacted the New Orleans Police Department to inform them that three suspects in dozens of reported thefts of the high-end coolers were thought to be in the Big Easy.

The cops caught a lucky break and found Demetrius Johnson, 29, standing outside of a hotel loading a Yeti cooler into a trailer filled with 40 other Yeti coolers! Bingo!

More than a dozen additional coolers were recovered, as well, along with stolen Adidas clothing.

Anthony Jackson, 20, and Leon Gamble, 18, along with Johnson, had been targeting a national sporting goods retailer and were getting away with it until the cops in New Orleans were tipped off.

In total, 32 coolers were stolen in Louisiana and 20 more were stolen in Texas. That’s a lot of Yeti!

All three were arrested and charged with possession of stolen property. Additional charges in both states are likely to come as the investigation progresses.

All of the stolen Yeti’s were recovered and returned to the sporting goods outlets they were stolen from.

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Original article: Three Thieves Arrested with 52 Yeti Coolers Stolen in Louisiana and Texas

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