pizza stalker wantedPolice in Germany are perplexed by a recent severe pizza stalking incident. They are currently trying to locate the person who has bombarded a lawyer by sending dozens of pizzas to his office.

Guido Grolle, the annoyed lawyer, would like to press charges, but he has no idea who has been behind all of the unwanted food deliveries. “It’s so irritating, I don’t even get my work done anymore.”

Who doesn’t love pizza? But when you continually get pizzas sent to you… we can see where he’s coming from. Fortunately, and unfortunately, the anonymous buyer’s tastes have changed. New deliveries for sushi, sausage and Greek Food have been appearing. This stalker sure is a foodie!

Original article: 100 Pizzas and Counting: German Police Probe Pizza Stalker

image credit: Adamophoto