Drunk Man Goes on Joyride in Police Car

couple dui arrestedA man in Sacramento got busted for taking a police car for a wild ride! Part of it was caught on camera by a good Samaritan, Chris Marzan, before it came to a safe conclusion.
Marzan thought there might be an issue, so he followed the police car to a gas station, where the driver got out. When he realized it clearly wasn’t a police officer, he made a citizen’s arrest and waited for the REAL police to arrive!

“I noticed it was a Sacramento police vehicle. As I passed, he makes a U-Turn so in my mind, I’m like great, I’m going to get pulled over,” Marzan said. “ I then saw an individual, a male, get out of the vehicle, wearing gray sweats and a black shirt. And I’m like, he’s definitely not an officer.”

Turns out the actual officer had stepped out of his car for a minute to respond to a call for service. That’s when the suspect, Zachary Samaha, thought it would be a good idea to take it for a quick spin. Definitely not a good idea!

Samaha now faces a felony charge for stealing the patrol car, along with a misdemeanor for driving under the influence.

Sacramento police are currently investigating the incident.

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Original article: Man Accused of Going on Joyride in Sacramento Police Car While Under the Influence

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