Customers Waited in Church Lot for Unholy Delivery

drone used for drugsDrones are getting more and more popular in today’s society and seem to be used for more and more unsavory acts… such as delivering drugs to customers.

Riverside resident, Benjamin Paul Baldassarre, 39, and Ashley Lauren Carroll, 31, were arrested after an undercover police investigation that uncovered the couple dealing drugs out of their home, while using a drone to deliver the drugs to customers. That’s one way to try to not be physically in the spot where the deal is going down!

They were charged with three counts of possession of a controlled substance for sale, along with child endangerment and possession of drug paraphernalia and were held in jail in lieu of $50,000 bail bonds.

Ryan Railsback, a Riverside police officer, was alerted about a month ago to possible drug deals occuring at the residence of the couple. Narcotics detectives began surveillance and were surprised when they continually saw a drone fly out of the backyard to a public parking area down the street. They continually witnessed packages being dropped from the drone, where several people were waiting for the contents to be delivered. The parking lot happened to be a church parking lot, too.

All of the activity finally resulted in the police obtaining a search warrant. Officers requested assistance from the fire department’s hazardous material team after finding “used and uncapped hypodermic syringes scattered throughout a bedroom.” Officers also found an undisclosed quantity of methamphetamine, as well as “unpackaged powders believed to contain fentanyl.”

Baldassarre’s daughter, who is only 9 years old, was removed from the residence unharmed and was eventually released to her mother.

In addition to this case, they also have to face an unresolved drug-related case.

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