3rd Grader Steals Mom’s Car, Goes on Road Trip

kid driving car newsAn 8-year-old girl in Indiana is in big trouble! She is facing charges after she stole her mom’s car and led the cops on a chase that spanned across multiple counties in the state. That doesn’t even include the trouble she’s in from her mom!

The girl and her mom were out shopping recently, when she decided it would be a good idea to steal the vehicle. Her mom immediately reported it, in fear of her daughter’s safety.

The cops found her driving down a state road, going 40 mph. When they attempted to stop her, the girl refused and the cops were finally forced to box her in. She eventually attempted to park the car, but ended up hitting a cop car, which caused minor damage.

When she was finally stopped, she refused to come out when the police came up to her. Eventually, the cops had to break the window and pull her out!

The 8-year-old was taken into custody and it’s not clear if her mom may face charges. Still no word on exactly what caused this EIGHT YEAR OLD to go on her little joy ride in the first place!

Original article: 8-Year-Old Girl Steals Mom’s Car, Leads Police on Cross-County Chase

Image Copyright: martinan / 123RF Stock Photo