New Mom Tested Positive for Drugs, Kidnaps Own Baby from Hospital

baby mom arrestedStephanie Belden, 35, stuffed her newborn baby into a duffel bag and kidnapped her from the hospital after it was revealed that she tested positive for meth during childbirth.

Police had talked to her three hours before her attempted kidnapping to let her know that the child wasn’t going to be released to her care.

“The biological mother wasn’t very happy with that, went back up, made her way into the maternity ward and cut off the alarm bracelet on the newborn baby, put the newborn into a duffel bag and walked out of the hospital,” police confirmed.

A nurse soon noticed that the baby was missing and Belden was arrested about 30 minutes later, where the cops found her hiding out at her home.

She is now being charged with kidnapping, child stealing, child endangerment and a parole violation.

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Original article: California Mom Stuffed Own Baby Into Duffel Bag to Kidnap Newborn From Hospital

image credit: Jack Moreh