Unclear if Skinny-Dippers or Wedding Guests More Shocked

skinny dippers arrestedWedding guests got quite the view when a couple on the beach dropped their drawers and went skinny-dipping in front of everyone!

The uninvited couple stripped down to their birthday suits right next to the reception venue, hit the waves and make quite the splash with wedding guests and other people who happened to be on the beach, as well. Zachary Tomko and Holly O’Neil were found naked at the beach by police, after wedding guests at a nearby wedding reception called 911. The couple eventually faced a judge after being charged with disorderly conduct for skinny-dipping.

“It’s not the middle of the summer, it’s not warm, but good for them for braving the cold water,” said Leah Allen, the bride. This little incident clearly didn’t ruin her special day!

The last-minute swim cost the couple about $275 in court fines, but still claim they didn’t realize they were giving everyone around them a big show.

“I didn’t know that building was a restaurant. I just thought it was a pier and thought, ‘Oh, here’s a spot where we can hide and take our clothes off,” Tomko said. “Come to find out the cops said, ‘Yup, there’s a restaurant right here with a wedding going on,’ I said, “Oh no.’”

The bride admitted it did make for a “really interesting wedding day!” Tomko told the local news that she was “glad I made her night, hope it was a special night and glad it gave her a good memory.”

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Original article: Wedding Guests Get Shocking Sight When Couple Skinny Dips at Salisbury Beach

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