Drunk Driver Arrested Wearing Shirt That Has Ironic Message

beer tshirtWell, at least they can’t say this guy didn’t have style and knew exactly how his night was going to go, thanks to his great shirt!

A man is in big trouble and facing many charges after State Police recently pulled him over for a suspected DUI. They got a little more than they bargained for, though!

The man’s vehicle apparently struck a sidewalk curb and also broke other traffic laws before the police got ahold of him.

He failed several sobriety tests and the cops also found marijuana and drug paraphernalia inside the car. That wasn’t all, though! They also found a 12-inch machete in the vehicle!

He was immediately arrested, which may not seem that unique. His shirt, however, certainly was! It was a green T-shirt with the most truthful statement that he could have been wearing: “Beer + Beer = Shenanigans.”

He was charged with numerous traffic violations, including operating under the influence of alcohol, as well as charges for possession of drug paraphernalia, marijuana and weapons in a motor vehicle.

A $10,000 bond was set and he was released.

Hopefully when he has his next court appearance, he’ll wear a different shirt that may be a little more appropriate!

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Original article: Accused Drunk Driver’s Shirt Gets Point for Honesty

Photo credit: Connecticut State Police via Accused drunk driver’s shirt gets points for honesty