Man Burglarizes House, Gets Busted After Leaving ID

dumb crime arrestedIf you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times. How can burglars be so careless and leave behind items that identify themselves?! This guy was a star suspect for the cops and ended up being busted over his own stupidity.

Ciriaco Balmaceda, 20, along with two other suspected burglars, were attempting to rob a house when the homeowner confronted them with a gun. Balmaceda immediately ran out as fast as he could, but not before leaving a bag with documentation that gave police all the information they needed to identify him!

Turns out, all three would-be burglars were given quite the scare and bolted from the home, but the other two didn’t leave behind their backpacks like Balmaceda did!

The homeowner took pictures of everything in the backpack, including Balmaceda’s school ID, and handed everything over to the police.

Thanks to a neighbor’s video footage of the suspects, police were able to quickly arrest Balmaceda along with the evidence they had been given. And in true karmic fashion, they arrested him on his birthday!

Looks like he’ll be in jail for a while after being charged with two counts of burglary of habitation. Turns out he was also put on probation last fall for burglary of a vehicle. Hope he had a great birthday!

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Original article: Heights Burglar Leaves ID Behind and Gets Arrested

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