Drunk Girls Arrested After Driving Wildly, Flipping Off Other Cars

drunk women arrestedA couple of 24-year-old women were arrested at a McDonald’s, after Michigan State Police saw them trailing a pickup truck while honking their horn and flipping off the occupants of the truck.

The girls were driving around 2am when the truck they were following did absolutely nothing wrong. But the two women didn’t see it that way! They began following the pickup, honking the horn like crazy and continually flipped off the occupants of the truck.

After the cops tried to stop them, the girls kept right on driving towards McDonald’s. Once they pulled into the parking lot, the police were finally able to make contact with them and get the situation under control!

Both of the women, 24, allegedly smelled like alcohol and admitted to drinking at a local bar earlier in the evening.

The driver tested .163 on a preliminary breathalyzer test, which is well beyond the legal limit. The passenger had an open beer can in her possession and admitted to being the one who was honking the horn and flipping off the people around them.

Evidently, the men inside the pickup had been rude to them at the bar. They will probably will encounter a few more rude folks in jail!

The driver was arrested for DUI, while the passenger was arrested for an open container violation.

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Original article: Drunken Duo Arrested After Flipping Off, Honking Horn at Truck

image credit: By Viktor Hanacek