Legendary Con Artist Accused of New Scam… From Prison

arrested iphoneYou know you’re a good con man when you can pull off a con from behind bars in prison!

Jimmy Sabatino, 40, has no problem admitting that he’s addicted to the con. No matter where he is! He has been in and out of jail his entire adult life and recently pleaded guilty for using cellphones purchased from corrections officers. This involved tricking luxury retailers and selling high-priced goods through pawn shops. That’s quite a job in jail!

Store owners thought that the fancy jewels, watches and handbags were on loan for music videos being shot in Miami. Not so much.

One jeweler admitted to being taken for $700,000 of jewelry! That is only the start of the millions in goods that Sabatino has been accused of ripping off from behind bars.

Sabatino kept some of the profits for himself, of course, but spread the wealth to associates in an organized crime family. He also directed co-conspirators “to harm or kill” others involved.

He is now being held in a special housing unit all by himself because authorities are worried that he will do it again.

In the past, he has been found guilty of crimes such as posing as a music executive while running up hundreds of thousands of dollars in bills at resorts, along with many more money-scamming ideas. We have to admit… he’s good!

He also has quite the sense of humor. When told in court that he may lose certain civil rights because of his guilty plea, he responded, “You mean I can’t run for office?”

“Yes, it might affect your right to run for office,” the judge said.

He has now been indicted along with a fellow prisoner and two others on conspiracy, wire fraud and mail fraud charges. The other defendants already pleaded guilty and were given prison time.

He also admitted that he has never learned how to live a normal life because he’s spent so much time in jail.

“I don’t know what the answer is, but I know incarceration is not helping me.” Sabatino told the judge. “I want to change, I’m being honest with you.”

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Original article: Serial Con Man Admits Ripping Off Luxury Retailers From Miami Prison Cell

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