‘Cops’ Theme Song Played Too Loud, Cops Issue Citation

cops arrestedA recent party was broken up by the cops, but what the people at the party thought would be a funny choice in music didn’t impress the police officer that responded.

An officer was called to a house party just after midnight recently after a report of loud music and a loud group of people were reported.

Daniel Czerpak, 21, was having a little ‘get together’ with his buddies and the officer warned him that the noise needed to be kept under control and people should think about clearing out. But Czerpak decided to take things to the next level and that led to a ticket.

“Just as the officer was driving away, Czerpak put on the ‘Cops’ TV show theme song and intentionally raised the volume to an excessive level,” police said.

Czerpak was immediately issued a noise violation ticket.

The cops had a little fun with it, though, after the fact. “Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? The police changed the warning to a citation because of you,” the police station released to a local news outlet.

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Original article: Playing ‘Cops’ Theme Song Too Loudly Changes Warning Into Citation

image credit: http://www.cops.com/