Naked Burglar Drinks Whiskey & Eats Muffins Before Hanging Out in Bed

arrested whiskeyThis woman had quite a shock when she arrived at her home recently! She came home to find a burglar in her home… except it wasn’t any old burglar, he was naked and hiding in a shower enclosure in her bedroom. What in the world?

When she walked in, she found quite the mess and knew something wasn’t right. Blueberry muffins were scattered all over and she saw a bottle of whiskey on the table. She immediately started searching the home to see what she could find, and that’s when she found her new house guest hiding.

Bradley T. Braxton was identified as the suspect and had no connection to the victim. He broke the door down in the main level of the home in order to get inside. Those must have been some good muffins!

“While admitting to breaking into the residence to officers and confessing to recent meth use, the suspect denied possession of marijuana,” the police said. However, they found pot on him and knew he wasn’t telling the truth regarding, well, just about everything from that night!

Braxton was booked on tentative charges of burglary, damage to property, disorderly conduct, and possession of marijuana.

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Original article: Naked Burglar Consumes Whiskey and Muffins Before Falling Asleep

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