Woman Arrested for Drunk Driving, Friend Drives Drunk to Cop Shop to Bail Her Out

dwi woman arrestedOne would think it would be common sense to avoid the police station at all costs if you’ve been drinking. Especially if you decide it’s a smart decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle!

But sometimes friendship trumps common sense. A drunk driver was arrested recently while attempting to bail out her friend, who had also been arrested earlier in the night for drunk driving. We can’t make this stuff up!

The cops pulled over a “car full of drunks” earlier in the night recently and immediately arrested the driver, when it was clear she was drunk. The driver was soon charged with a DWI. But the police hadn’t seen the last of this group!

All of the passengers in the offending vehicle took a cab ride home, but one woman decided it would be a good idea to return to the scene of the crime, pick up her friend’s vehicle and go bail her friend out of jail. Even though she was drunk, as well!

Instead, of course, she was able to join her buddy after getting arrested for a DWI, herself!

Police hope that everyone learns a valuable lesson from this. Don’t drive drunk to the police station in order to bail your drunk friend out of jail!

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Original article: Drunk Driver Arrested Attempting to Bail Out Friend for Drunk Driving

image credit: pinterest