Several Arrested for Weirdest CIA Scam Ever

candy thiefWell, this is a new one! Many CIA contractors were kicked out of the CIA for stealing. What did they steal, you ask? $3,000 in snacks from vending machines!

The thefts took place for about 6 months between fall of 2012 and March 2013, which involved unplugging a cable connecting the machines to an electronic payment system called FreedomPay. They then used “unfunded FreedomPay cards” to buy snacks at no cost. Impressive!

After being informed of the thefts, surveillance cameras were installed at “several key vending locations where a high occurrence of thefts were taking place.” Eventually, they captured numerous contractors engaged in the FreedomPay theft scheme. Right under the CIA’s nose!

Detectives eventually found one unidentified contract employee as being the mastermind because of his “knowledge of computer networks.” The employee eventually admitted to the vending machine hack, along with sharing the technique with several coworkers.

Other contract employees were caught on camera and identified as suspects. They quickly admitted to the thefts. All surrendered their CIA badges, were escorted out by security and fired by their contract employers.

All together, the workers stole $3,314.40 worth of goods from the vending machines. The Department of Justice has declined to press charges.

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Original article: A Bunch of CIA Contractors Got Fired for Stealing Snacks from Vending Machines

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