3 Busted in $300K ‘Grand Theft Avocado’

grand theft avocadoWho knew avocados could be worth so much money? Many of us love it for it’s ability to produce delicious guacamole, but these guys were making some serious green with them, stealing more than $300,000 worth of avocados.

“They are in demand. Everybody loves avocados,” said the police. True story.

Carlos Chavez, 28, Rahim Leblanc, 30, and Joseph Valenzuela, 38, were arrested on suspicion of grand theft of avocados. That’s a charge we haven’t heard before!

The men apparently were stealing and selling avocados to unsuspecting customers for many months until the cops were tipped off. The police launched an investigation into the allegations that the men were receiving cash for the stolen avocados and discovered they had come up with quite the scheme!

The men had all been working at Mission Produce for several years, but when the facility changed its distribution flow, they saw an opportunity to make some quick money on the side. The company began delivering pallets of the fruit to customers instead of having customers come to the facility to pick them up, but some customers continued to return to the facility to pick up their shipment. That’s when the men saw their chance and decided to sell the avocados themselves and pocket the cash.

Soon, partial pallets and boxes of avocados were stolen and sold right from the back door of the distribution center, without customers being the wiser.

The company typically sold a box of avocados for $50, but the men were selling them for $20-$30, which customers thought was a steal! But, bookkeepers soon saw that something wasn’t adding up. Surveillance footage ratted them out and they were arrested.

Luckily, insurance covered the losses for the stolen avocados and the facility now plans to tighten security at the plant.

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Original article: Holy Guacamole! Workers Pilfered $300K worth of Avocados

image credit: istock