Grocery Worker Arrested for Stealing $34K in Winning Lotto Tickets

arrested crystal goldenOne would think it would be pretty much common knowledge to know there is a very good chance you are going to get busted for stealing winning lotto tickets from your place of employment. Especially when it’s over $30,000 worth of tickets!

But Crystal Golden, 31, took her chances and it didn’t work out. She was arrested with grand theft charges for stealing $34,000 worth of tickets from her grocery store employer in Naples, Florida. Oh Florida, what would news be without you?

She clearly forgot about that little thing called surveillance videos, as her employer caught her stealing 61 winning tickets!

She was booked and her bail was set at $10,000. We’re guessing she won’t able to use that winning lotto money to bail herself out of jail, though!

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Original article: Grocery Worker Busted for Swiping $34K in Winning Lotto Tickets

image credit:  Collier County Sheriff's Office