Councilman Calls for $50,000 Reward Amid Spike in ‘Knock Knock’ Burglaries

la knock knock burglaries 1Upscale homes in the San Fernando Valley have been targeted by “knock-knock” burglars and L.A. City Councilman, Mitchell Englander, has had enough!

Englander has approached pawnbrokers and others who may be able to help stop these crimes by offering a $50,000 reward to be offered for information leading to arrests and convictions.

These are particularly being aimed at pawnshop owners and employers who are generally the “first people to know, particularly when they get repeat offenders who are bringing in stolen merchandise.”

Many of these burglaries have included stolen jewelry that has included “family heirlooms” that can’t be replaced.

This all comes amid a rash of high profile break-ins, including the home of L.A. Lakers player, Nick Young and Dodgers outfielder, Yasiel Puig.

Apparently, one person will knock on the door of the home and if nobody answers, they will signal to others, who will attempt to enter from the side or rear entrances of the home. So far, it appears to be the same ring and have been based mostly in South Los Angeles.

These burglars have also taken the game to the next level recently. They are now monitoring when people leave homes that they are targeting, as well as driving cars and wearing clothes that help them blend in well with the neighborhoods.

As of the end of March, 336 burglaries were reported, which is up from 249 burglaries for the same time period last year, for the targeted areas alone!

While they have been having mild success on new arrests for the break-ins, there is still a lot of work to be done. This is where Englander hopes that the new reward will help lower the break-ins, once and for all!

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Original article: LA Councilman Targets ‘Knock Knock’ Burglars with $50,000 Reward

image credit: Photo by Elizabeth Chou, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG